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Center Of Attention Single Stone Rings Silver (6 different crystals)

$40.00 USD $45.00 USD

Holding one large and beautiful natural crystal in an elegant gold or silver setting, this stunning plated ring immediately catches the eye. Each ring comes complete with a velvet ring box.

It is fully adjustable, therefore it can fit any ring size and be swapped between fingers to alternate your look.

The main material of this ring is made from 24K gold or silver-plated copper and the crystal is a completely natural mineral.

Each ring is 100% unique, stone size ranges from 15-20mm with a thickness of 8-15mm

Tiger Eye Qualities: Tiger Eye is a protective stone that promotes clarity, integrity, and goal accomplishment. It's perfect for those who feel uncommitted and helps with recognizing needs and resolving conflicts. It also provides balance, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Lapis Lazuli Qualities: Lapis Lazuli balances chakras and promotes spiritual growth. It relieves stress, harmonizes all levels, and reveals inner truth. It also strengthens relationships.

Aquamarine Qualities: The stone of courage. Aquamarine has calming energies that reduce stress and protect against pollutants. It promotes tolerance and helps those overwhelmed by responsibility. It sharpens the intellect, clears the mind, promotes self-exploration, and soothes fears.

Moonstone Qualities: Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and is connected to the moon and your intuition. The stone's most powerful effect is that it calms emotions and helps to release stress.

Amethyst Qualities: Amethyst is a protective stone that transforms negative energy into love. It also has calming effects, blocks harmful environmental energies, and helps overcome addictions and obstacles. It promotes emotional balance and aids in decision-making. Achieve true equilibrium with amethyst.

Rose Quartz Qualities: The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose quartz is a calming and reassuring stone that opens the heart, promoting inner healing and self-love. It removes negative energy and replaces it with love, strengthening empathy and aiding acceptance of change. It helps you realize unexpressed emotions and teaches self-love.

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